निराकार nirākār

निराकार nirākār (sanskrit)

An epithet of God.
(Hinduism) without form, permeating everything (which makes God omnipresent).
(Bābā) Incorporeal, without physical or subtle body. God is incorporeal but has a form, the form of a point. Likewise the souls in the incorporeal world are incorporeal and have the form of a point.

Origin of the definition

निराकार nirākāra nira:ka:r (a) shapeless, formless; incorporeal; (nm) The Formless (God).

Dictionary Caturvedi (1970)

S نراکار निराकार nir-ākār, adj. Devoid of form; — deprived of one's natural form; formless, shapeless, deformed; — incorporeal; — disguised; — s.m. The universal Spirit, God.

Dictionary Platts (1884)

Usual translation

  1. incorporeal

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